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American Commitment to Seniors Launches Seven-Figure Ad Buy Slamming Washington Liberals’ Plan To Slash Medicare Prescription Drug Spending

Ad Highlights How Democrats’ Drug Pricing Proposal Would Harm Seniors and Raid Nearly $300 Billion From Medicare.

CONTACT: Jon Decker ([email protected])

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 28, 2022) — American Commitment’s Commitment to Seniors project has launched a new seven-figure initial ad buy, raising concerns about Washington liberals’ claim that their partisan spending bill “lowers seniors’ drug costs,” when actually, it siphons nearly $300 billion out of Medicare to unrelated spending.

The ad is airing through August 5 inside the Beltway, as well as in West Virginia, Nevada, and Georgia, and will run across cable, broadcast, and CTV/digital mediums, naming senators in the aforementioned states. These include Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV), Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), and Raphael Warnock (D-GA). The ad highlights Democrats’ raid on billions in Medicare funds intended for seniors in order to prop up Obamacare, fueling inflation and padding insurers’ profits.

“The Democrats’ latest price control scheme to siphon billions of dollars out of Medicare is a reckless approach to ‘lowering drug costs for seniors,’ who will inevitably lose access to drugs if Medicare spending $287 billion less on their benefits,” said American Commitment President Phil Kerpen. Even worse, AARP, a supposed ‘seniors advocacy organization,’ supports the partisan proposal, probably because AARP received $750,000,000 per year from UnitedHealth, one of the bill’s principal beneficiaries.  We can’t help but wonder who AARP really advocates for—seniors or big health insurers.”

Jonathan Decker, the executive director of American Commitment, also said: “The AARP has been perhaps the loudest voice out there advocating for the far-left price control scheme that Washington liberals want to jam through under reconciliation. With the stakes so high, policymakers should demand that the AARP release its latest financials so that seniors and voters can follow the money—and see for themselves whose interests the AARP is really looking out for.”


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