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Commitment to Seniors Launches Initial Six-Figure Ad Buy Slamming AARP’s Financial Conflicts, Support of Drug Price-Setting Schemes

Ad Questions AARP’s True Motivations, Highlights How Price Controls Would Harm Seniors’ Healthcare

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 14, 2022) — Commitment to Seniors, a project of American Commitment dedicated to protecting seniors’ healthcare interests, today launched a new six-figure initial ad buy condemning AARP’s financial conflict of interest with big health insurers and criticizing their support of liberal price-setting schemes.

Airing inside the beltway across several mediums, including broadcast, cable, and digital, the ad highlights how AARP has made billions of dollars in royalties partnering with big health insurers like UnitedHealthcare. All the while, it has opposed healthcare changes that seniors need—like rebate reform, which would apply significant discounts to medicines directly at the pharmacy counter.

The ad reveals that the supposed “senior advocacy” organization backs healthcare price-setting schemes which would give lawmakers in Washington greater control over drug prices, curbing innovation and reducing access.

“AARP seemingly is a champion of policies that pad the pockets of its financial partner, UnitedHealthcare, rather than those which help the seniors it claims to represent,” said American Commitment President Phil Kerpen. “For the sake of seniors’ access to care, Congress and the Biden administration should instead put America’s most vulnerable first and pursue market-based healthcare policies that stimulate medical innovation.”

Jonathan Decker, the executive director of American Commitment, also said, “It’s time we pull back the curtain on AARP’s unwavering support for big-government price controls to the detriment of innovation and access to care. If you thought the organization was backing such proposals with seniors’ interests in mind, just take a look at their books—and think again.”


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