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Commitment to Seniors Releases New Television Ad Criticizing Government Spending Plans at the Expense of Seniors


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Commitment to Seniors, a project of American Commitment dedicated to protecting seniors’ healthcare interests, releases a new television advertisement condemning big government spending plans, which will come at the expense of seniors’ access to lifesaving medications. The ad criticizes Democrat politicians, including Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi, for harming Medicare beneficiaries and filling the pockets of big health insurers.

“Washington politicians are at it again, saying they want to reform Medicare when they’re actually looking to raid Medicare, all to pay for Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi’s big government spending plans and provide another financial windfall to big health insurers. Eliminating medicare protections that ensure seniors have access to the lifesaving medicines they need isn’t reform, it’s dishonest at best and potentially deadly at worst. Think America’s seniors aren’t watching? Think again.”