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Commitment to Seniors Exposes AARP at CPAC

Commitment to Seniors’ president Phil Kerpen spoke at the virtual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and exposed AARP for who they really are—a front group for UnitedHealth and Democrats.

During the “Conversation with Matt Schlapp and special guests Phil Kerpen, Michi Iljazi, and Morgan Zegers,” Kerpen detailed, through its financial arrangement with UnitedHealth, that AARP was betraying its primary constituency—seniors. Kerpen stated, “AARP basically functions as a marketing arm of UnitedHealth Group. And that’s because they make a lot more money from UnitedHealth Group than they make from their membership dues….all of their advocacy… has been exactly what’s good for UnitedHealth’s business.”

As we previously reported, AARP was recently in hot water due to their partnership with UnitedHealth and was faced with a class action lawsuit alleging, among other things, that AARP is receiving an “illegal kickback” from the health insurance giant which allowed them to overcharge seniors’ for their health insurance.

Lawyers for AARP were able to get the case dismissed by arguing there is no requirement for the AARP to “act with the interests of [seniors] in mind.” AARP further argued that “The relationship between a member and a membership organization is not one of ‘trust or confidence’ that creates a fiduciary duty” and that membership “does not ‘transcend an ordinary business’ relationship.”

As Kerpen quipped, “At least they are honest in court.”

Throughout, Kerpen provided an important perspective on how to lower health care costs, why AARP should not be trusted, and how to increase medical innovation. You can watch the must-see segment below.

Earlier in the segment Kerpen also explained how drug price controls in foreign countries have resulted in Americans subsidizing the research and development for new cures.

These cures then get exported abroad while sticking Americans with the bill. The solution to lower health care costs for Americans is to break these price controls in other countries, not mandate price controls in American that will reduce the innovation that benefits the entire world.

President Trump succeeded in breaking these foreign price controls in his original USMCA agreement, but unfortunately, this provision was stripped out by Nancy Pelosi even though it would have saved Americans money on prescription costs.

Of course, AARP supported Speaker Pelosi’s H.R. 3 price control bill in 2019, despite the fact this price fixing will jeopardize the very innovative, life-saving medicines seniors rely on every day.

You can view the entire CPAC segment here.